Tzomet Counseling provides career guidance services and unique tailored online tests using internationally recognized assessment methodologies adapted for the needs of specific communities.


Clarity is a Unique integrated career indicator, assessing personality, professional inclinations, leadership and work goals.
Online guidance counselors are waiting to provide you with personalized career guidance to set you on a path for success.
When you achieve Clarity about who You are, and do what is right for You, then you are on the path to Success.
Find Out Who You Are

CLARITY will indicate your personality type from among 16 different types as well as your Holland Code, which reveal your preferred work activities and environment. CLARITY will also indicate your work goals and values based on your responses to CLARITY’s uniquely insightful questions. The end result is CLARITY on your career pathway in a concise personalized report.

You will receive guidance towards a wide variety of career choices which match your personality, inclinations and work goals, with a few specific jobs singled out as most likely to bring you to satisfaction and success.

How it Works

You will answer questions (about half an hour) instinctively and honestly about who you are (and not who you want to be). Your answers will be evaluated based on proven algorithms, and a personalized report with results will be sent to you via email.

If you are interested in discussing your results with a professional career counselor, you can schedule a meeting with our team in online or telephone mode.

Easy, intimate, confidential insight towards achieving Success.


Tzomet has ten years of experience in assisting hundreds of clients in finding their strong professional inclinations to choose the path to a successful career.

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